Ariel Winter Really Wants You To Rate How Good She Is At Twerking

We’re huge fans of Ariel Winter here at the Break office. Sure, she’s on a hit TV show but it’s not really her acting talent that causes us to sit up and pay attention. It’s the fact that she takes a damn good selfie and posts so many pics of her bare bod on Instagram you’d think you were her gynecologist. This week however we were treated to a little bit more action than what we’re used to normally seeing.

Ariel was on vacation in Mexico with some friends and took a quick little video of her shaking her tush while taking in the ocean view. Lucky for you, you get to take in the breathtaking view as well and we don’t mean the dumb ocean.

Global warming my ass, that glacier looks strong and firm to us!

Not bad. We give that dance a solid 7 out of 10. Frankly, we’re not even sure if this is what you would call twerking (we’re amateurs when it comes to the twerk craze) but we know those damn kids love it! And well, we gotta support these teens because they are our future…or something.

Proof Ariel Winter Is The Hottest 18-Year-Old On Instagram (15 PICS)

Ariel, who is 18-years-old (hey, she’ll be 19 in January), might be one of the only Instagram accounts one should really follow. So much so, we collected some of her greatest pics and put them into a gallery (link above) in case you have better things to do than look at Instagram. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for ourselves. SOMEONE has to find these gems, people!

Let’s hope Ariel feels like posting more video in the future! She loves to have an audience with her account having over 2 million followers, so we’re happy to peruse the content whenever available.

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