Awkward Celebrity Encounters That Will Make You Cringe

Here are some real moments from awkward celebrity encounters.

1.  Fan Runs Into Samuel L. Jackson At A Celebrity Golf Game

Celebrity Encounter by User Jay-3fiddy

2. Fan Was An Extra In A Movie Scene With Sam Elliot

During the scene he had to cuss left and right. Later that day I saw him.

Celebrity Encounter by User auburnjohn   

3. Fan Too Scared To Ask Daryl Hannah For Autograph

Celebrity Encounter by User FeatofClay    

4. Fan Meets “Sammy Davis Jr.”

Years pass. It finally clicks.


5. Fan Meets Olympic Champion Michael Phelps

Fan saw Michael Phelps eating a granola bar outside of his swimming practice and asked for a photo.


6. Gene Simmons Of Kiss Compliments Fan

Fan was playing guitar in college rock band and Gene Simmons was backstage.



7. Fan On Vacation Meets Pauly Shore In The Pool

Pauly Shore walks through pool carrying a girl in his arms, visibly drunk.


8. Fan Gets Birthday Call From Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold was visiting troops in Iraq when a soldier had Arnold call his son who was a big fan to wish him a happy birthday, waking him up very early one morning, US time.

Fan could not understand Arnold because of his accent and thought his Dad and army buddies were drunk.

The fan found out the next day that it really was Arnold Schwarzenegger calling him from Iraq.


9. Fan Meets Bob Vila At Hotel Breakfast Buffett

Fan and son walk up to Bob Villa eating breakfast at hotel buffet.

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