Babe Realtor Caught Having Sex In Couples House Right After She Sold It

Have you ever been so excited after doing a great job at work, you just wanted to have sex right then and there in the office or wherever the hell you were at? Probably not, but for 22-year-old Texas realtor Kayla Seloff, she got so aroused after selling a house, she called over her boyfriend and they just had to bang right there.

Okay, so did the new homeowners make the deal, leave, and come right back to find their hot realtor down and dirty? Actually the morning after the house was sold, a neighbor to the house was on their way to work when they saw a flashlight moving around in one of the rooms through the window. The neighbor called the police and after the cops arrived, they found Kayla and her boyfriend banging on the floor. Of course Kayla forgot about rule number 1 when banging in a house that isn’t yours to bang in; LOCK THE FRONT DOOR.

“Welcome to the show.”

Unfortunately for Kayla and her boyfriend, the cops found weed in their car after catching the two “closing the deal” on the floor of the house. The real question, since Kayla isn’t too bad on the eyes and clearly likes to party, is do you press charges or make her a family friend and invite her over for game night? The new homeowners did in fact press charges for trespassing and the couple’s bond was set at $1000.

Would you recommend Kayla to a friend if they were selling their house?

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