'Babes For Bernie' Might Be The Greatest Campaign Strategy We've Ever Seen

Bernie Sanders is single handedly making politics sexy. Gone are the days of a champion of the people with large biceps and a big… ego. Today, being in your 70s, having white hair, and little to no muscle tone and definition, are making women (and men,) across America ‘Feel The Bern.’

BabesForBernie, an Instagram account dedicated to spreading Bernie’s stance on gender equality, women’s rights, racial justice, and protection against sexual orientation discrimination (to name a few items,) has become a hub for Sanders’ groupie love and support from thousands of women (and men) throughout the United States.

You might find yourself asking how you too could gain such traction among the well educated, outspoken and incredibly attractive women of America? Fear not! We have broken it down into 10 easy-to-do steps.


1. Have An Action Figure

The name Bernie might make you think of Sesame Street (Bert + Ernie,) but embrace it! Transform your name into something visually catchy and create an action figure for both young and old to appreciate.

2.  White Hair Don’t Care

While others might be out there dying their hair, combing it over, and hair-spraying it into a hive-like formation, a true leader grows his hair to Doc Brown proportions, and comes up with formulas to save the world.

3. Be Everyone’s Favorite Grandpa

Say “goodbye” to Daddy Issues and “hello” to The Grandpa You’d Love To Hang Out With (and shoot the $h!t.)

4. Look Really Good On Just About Anything

Good looking or not, the key to successful leadership is looking great on just about anything.. from t-shirts, to pillows, earrings and more!

5. Sloganize

You want your supporters to remember you, having slogans that get them excited and look great on clothing are an important part of creating your community.

6. Don’t Think Of Them As Women

… but don’t think of them as men either… or anything in-between… just visualize their hearts.

7. Spread Love

‘Nuff said.

8. Be Magical

Ways to accomplish this include (but are not limited to..) looking good on horseback, looking good as a cartoon character or with rainbows, loving unicorns, and looking bada$$ as an action figure or doll.

9. Traverse Mere Mortality

Become the hero you were always meant to be, and know that sometimes, “haters gonna hate,” no matter what.

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(Images courtesy of: http://tindcamp.tumblr.com)

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