'Bachelor' Ben Higgins Hints He's Moving Out Of Denver: West Coast Bound For Love Or Another Reality TV Gig

Bachelor Ben Higgins DWTS

Bachelor Ben Higgins’ journey to find love comes to a close in two weeks and he will finally be able to go public with his bride-to-be. Although fans will have to wait until the live After the Final Rose special airs March 14 to find out what’s next for the newest Bachelor couple, Ben is already dropping hints that he may move out of Denver to live with — or closer to — the future Mrs. Higgins.

Who does Ben get engaged to on the finale and does his possible move have a dual purpose? Hint — Ben may have another reality TV gig coming up that will bring him closer to his rumored fiance.

In his most recent Bachelor blog on People, Ben talked about how important his hometown dates were last week, despite the craziness that ensued with some of the families. He went on to say that although he loves living in Denver, he is “very open to moving” if that’s what he and his “future wife” decide.

Fans who have questioned whether or not Ben proposes on the finale just got their answer — he specifically mentioned his “future wife” and while he can’t name who she is, that all but confirms the spoilers that point to Ben getting down on one knee and presenting his final girl with a dazzling Neil Lane ring.

Who is the girl he picks and is Ben leaving his job as a software salesman to appear on another reality TV show? [Spoilers ahead]

ABC’s Bachelor season finale previews show Ben struggling to decide between his final two ladies, admitting that he fell in love with both of them. However, many fans think his final pick is a no-brainer, noting that his connection with L.A.-based flight attendant Lauren Bushnell has been obvious since early on in the show.

According to Reality Steve, Lauren is “the one” and he is certain that the couple is still going strong after getting engaged when the finale was filmed last November.

Lauren currently lives in Los Angeles where she works as a flight attendant for Alaska Airlines. There have been multiple rumors that Ben will appear on the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars next month.

If Ben is contemplating a move to California, it would serve two purposes if he is joining DWTS Season 22 — rehearsals and filming take place in L.A. and he would be able to live near or with his fiance.

On Tuesday, March 8, ABC will make the Dancing with the Stars cast on Good Morning America. That’s one week before the Bachelor season finale, so if Ben is part of the cast, they may reveal a “mystery contestant”(like they did with Bachelor Chris Soules) until he hands out his final rose.

Do you think Ben picks Lauren B. and would you like to see him appear on Dancing with the Stars?

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