'Bachelor' Star Carly Waddell Says Split From Boyfriend Was Shocking

Carly Waddell

Carly Waddell won everyone’s heart on Bachelor In Paradise when she fell in love with Kirk DeWindt. Carly was heartbroken over being sent home on Chris Soules’ season of the show, and she just wanted to find someone who she clicked with. Even though Kirk was fresh out of a relationship, he let himself go along with it. He completely broke her heart in the finale and it was shocking to see. After writing a song about the breakup, Carly found someone very special. But according to a new report, Carly Waddell‘s new romance has also come to an end.

Waddell had started dating Erik DiNardo after coming home from paradise. Maybe he helped her get back on her feet after being betrayed by Kirk. The two dated for six months, but Carly is now revealing that the romance died suddenly around Valentine’s Day.

“Erik and I broke up the day after Valentine’s Day,” Waddell, 29, told Us Weekly. “It was really sad and completely unexpected, on both of our parts. We figured out that we both were wanting different things in the future,” she explains. “So we called it off before it got even more serious, which was hard when you love someone.” Maybe she knew that she wouldn’t get what she wanted, and therefore decided to end the romance before it was too late.

“In the long run it would be even harder to do…but it would also be inevitable,” she explains. “I am just one of those ‘everything happens for a reason’ people… So I can’t live in yesterday and I don’t want to. I’m super thankful for Erik because we wrote a bad-ass song for Jade [Tolbert]’s wedding. I’m thankful for him for a million reasons.” 

Carly Waddell doesn’t hint that she will work things out with Kirk either. But it is possible that she could make an appearance on Bachelor In Paradise.

What do you think of Carly Waddell’s newest heartbreak?

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