Bad Ass Sh*t You Wanna Know Vol. 2

1. Research Shows That You’re ‘Aha!’ Moments Are Probably Right


When a solution to a problem seems to have come to you out of thin air, you’ve more than likely been struck with the right idea, according to a new study at Drexel University’s College of Arts and Sciences . “Conscious, analytic thinking can sometimes be rushed or sloppy, leading to mistakes while solving a problem,” said research team member John Kounios, PhD, and co-author of the book, The Eureka Factor: Aha Moments, Creative Insight and the Brain. He went on to explain, “…Insight is unconscious and automatic, it can’t be rushed. When the process runs to completion in its own time and all the dots are connected unconsciously, the solution pops into awareness as an Aha! moment. This means that when a really creative, breakthrough idea is needed, it’s often best to wait for the insight rather than settling for an idea that resulted from analytical thinking.” So trust those instincts, bud! (Except when it comes to drunk texting).

2. A High School Shop Class Builds Hundreds of Houses For Cats and Dogs Who Need It


For the past 14 years, building and construction instructor (and pet lover) Barry Stewart has taught students a valuable trade and a lesson in compassion by having them design and build hundreds of houses for dogs and feral cats. Over the years, Stewart and his students have crafted over 600 dog houses and 110 feral cat houses that have been donated to shelters, rescues and families.

3. This Human-Like Robot May One Day Be Used to Care for Dementia Patients

Nadine is a human-like robot that could one day, scientists hope, be used as a personal assistant or care provider for the elderly. Nadine was created in the likeness of its maker, Nadia Thalmann, a visiting professor and director of Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University’s Institute of Media Innovation, who has spent over 30 years of her career researching virtual humans. According to Reuters, Nadine’s software allows the robot to express a range of emotions and recall a previous conversation. Nadine is not available for commercial sale yet, but Thalmann predicts that one day these robots will be able to be used as companions for people living with dementia, explaining, “If you leave these people alone they will be going down very quickly. So these people need to always be in interaction.” Nadine could provide conversation, tell a story or play a simple game, and eventually could also learn various languages to be used a a learning tool for children.

4. A Stranger Paid a Man’s $2,000 Car Repair Bill, Asking Him to ‘Pay it Forward’ Someday


A man named Keith Burkitt, 31, from Houston, TX, got into a conversation about his car woes with a stranger at the restaurant he’s a waiter at. After explaining to the man that he had to turn the wheel all the way to the right just to make the car go straight, the stranger told Keith to take his car “to a friend across the street who could fix it” and not to worry about the bill. The man said he wouldn’t take no for an answer, and all he asked was that Keith “pay it forward someday.” The following morning,he took his car over to the station the man had mentioned, and when he got the estimate for the bill –about $2,000 — the mechanic informed him “it was already taken care of”.

5. A Lion, Tiger, and Bear Have Been Best Friends For Over 15 Years (Oh, My!)


Baloo the bear, Leo the lion and Shere Khan the tiger have been best friends ever since they were rescued as cubs from a drug dealer’s house in Atlanta, Georgia in 2001. Found caged together, scared and clinging to one another for comfort, rescuers at Noah Ark’s Animal Sanctuary decided to keep the trio together, as it was obvious they had formed a bond in their early stages of captivity. The remarkable part about their friendship is that it has lasted for over 15 years. Typically, animals that become friends with other species grow apart after sexual maturity (the way we humans also tend to HI HEATHER), but these three have been ride-or-die all the way into their adulthood. (If your insides aren’t squealing with delight right now, get out).

6. 9-Year-Old Girl Becomes the Youngest Published “Chapter” Book Author in U.S. History


A 9-year-old girl from Brooklyn, NY, named Anaya Lee Willabus, recently wrote and published her own book called, “The Day Mohan Found His Confidence”. She’s now the youngest person to publish a chapter book in U.S. history. You can buy her book on Amazon and hopefully find some helpful hints on how to find your own confidence in there! (God knows you need it after just realizing a 9-year-old girl might be more successful than you’ll ever be!)

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