Badass Sh*t You Wanna Know Vol. 3

BADASS SH*T — Yes! Good things happened this week!

Here’s some good stuff to get your mind off all that bad stuff. BRACE YOURSELF FOR AWESOME!

John Boyega Surprises Sick Kids With Star Wars Toys


Star Wars: The Force Awakens star John Boyega spent his Friday delivering Star Wars toys to sick children at The Royal London Hospital in London, on behalf of the Rays of Sunshine children’s charity. Good thing they didn’t send Adam Driver! The TEARS! (That Kylo Ren would cry, not the kids.)

‘Human Library’ Lets You ‘Check-Out’ People From All Walks of Life for a Chat


Ronni Abergel from Copenhagen, Denmark created the Human Library, a place where individuals can “check out” people, or “human books,” for a 30-minute conversation, instead of a novel. “Sometimes you see someone in the supermarket and think things about them, but you don’t dare go ask them questions,” Abergel explained. “I wanted to build a space where you can ask them anything because they volunteered to answer.” Abergel opened the Human Library in Copenhagen in 2000, and has since brought the idea to 70 countries. Human books vary from people who are blind and deaf, bipolar, homeless, and other various walks of life.

The “Normal Barbie” Creator Has Created a “Normal Ken” Doll


Two years ago, Nickolay Lamm launched Lammily dolls aka “Normal” Barbies to combat the unrealistic beauty standards girls face from a young age via their Barbie dolls and other images reported by the media. Wednesday morning, Lamm unveiled a new addition to the Lammily doll family — a male doll with a more realistically proportioned body. “I feel men also feel pressure in the form of not being tall, not having enough hair, not having enough muscle, etc.,” Lamm explained to The Huffington Post. “I think those are things which few talk about because, as a guy, you’re kind of expected not to worry too much about your appearance and because women face beauty standards on another level.” (Hmmm, he needs like 20% more beer belly for this Ken Doll to be accurate).

Italy Changes Law to Give All Unsold Food to Needy


Italy is set to pass a law that will make supermarkets donate their waste food to charities, making it the second European country to pass such a law after the French introduced a bill in February that banned supermarkets from throwing away or spoiling unsold food. But instead of fining supermarkets that are wasting food like France’s bill does, Italy’s new law would instead offer reductions in garbage taxes, which would vary depending on how much businesses give to charity. Translation: CHEAP GARBAGE AND PIZZA FOR EVERYONE!!!

Some Companies Are Starting to Let Employees Off Work After a Pet Dies


Though pet bereavement days aren’t required under federal or state laws, several national companies are now allowing pet owners to take time off to grieve after their pets pass away. Software company VM Ware and Maxwell Health gives employees flexible days off, while Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants allow managers to grant up to three days away from work, and pet insurance company Trupanion gives employees one paid “pet bereavement day”. Considering many of us hold our pets as dear to our hearts as human family members, this is a good thing. Studies have shown that people experience the same numbness, shock, disbelief, guilt, and anger over their pet’s death as they would if a person died. (BTW You know the idea for “pet bereavement day” came from some CEO who had just watched John Wick and was like ‘WE CAN’T HAVE EMPLOYEES GOING FULL-KEANU ON US WHEN THEIR DOGS DIE!’).

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