Bar Fights Back Against Customer’s Negative Review And It Totally Backfires

A user on Imgur “comfortableshoe” recently posted an amazing back and forth from Facebook between a bar and one of their (former) customers. This review by a customer to the Brick Kitchen & Bar in Carlisle, Pennsylvania might have been a little petty, but the response from the bar is what sent people into meltdown mode and we aren’t talking about the cheese fries.

Let’s stop and appreciate this for a moment. What I love about mom and pop operations is that they don’t have to take anyone’s shit. If a customer waltzes into Wal-Mart and has a total meltdown over how the kid behind the cash register spoke to them, right or wrong the manager has to stand there and take it like a total bitch. Otherwise the complaint runs up the chain of command to corporate and the poor bastard could lose his job if he didn’t handle the situation with “proper customer service.”

We have seen some epic customer complain controversies on Facebook.  The Great Pancake Diner Vs Crying Toddler Family Of 2015 Debate comes to mind.  The owner of Marcy’s Diner in Portland, Maine was called out on Facebook for kicking out the family of a Toddler who wouldn’t stop crying. The public took both sides, but the diner owner stood her ground like a total boss and wouldn’t back down.

That is why it is so refreshing to go into a family owned shop, restaurant or bar and witness the owner tell some annoying prick of a customer to go fuck themselves. They are free to tell it like it is! That being said, sometimes the restaurant owner is WRONG. Followers of the Brick Kitchen & Bar were quick to blast the responses coming from the bar’s Facebook page.

Enjoy the following and let us know: is this an OK response for a restaurant or is “the costumer always right?”

Here is the best part! The bar then tried to pull a full Anthony Weiner and say they were hacked:

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