Barb from 'Stranger Things' Is Actually Extremely Hot In Real Life (7 PICS)

First of all, if you haven’t seen Stranger Things, you should get on that. Everyone seems to love the show and it’s reached a point where you don’t have to be a horror or sci-fi fan to enjoy it. However the runaway fan favorite element that people can’t seem to get enough of is the character Barb. She’s sort of a one-off geeky character which (SPOILER) gets killed by the end of the show. However people are already planning their geeky, mom jeans-wearing, big glasses sporting costume for Halloween. But aside from the surprise of a supporting character becoming the biggest hit within the show, Barb is actually pretty damn hot in real life.

Here’s Barb. More motherly than the actual mom characters in the show despite her being just a high schooler.

And here’s the actress that played Barb, Shannon Purser, who is like Barb’s super hot sister.

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Shannon, not one to shy away from being thought of as the ugly duckling of the popular show, often signs off her Instagram posts with Barb’s name, knowing fans are getting a real kick out of seeing what “Barb” is up to these days after the show’s success.

What might be even more mind-blowing than the fact that Barb is a hottie in real life, Stranger Things was actually her first acting gig ever. That’s like playing the lottery once and winning a million dollars. No one had any idea how big of a hit this show would turn in to, so for this to be her first role out of the gate is pretty incredible.

Love a woman who can do both.


Now that our minds are sufficiently blown, can’t wait to see Shannon in her next project. Maybe they’ll even let her wear something besides mom jeans next time! Although, we’re totally into that too.

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