“Batman” Arrested For Throwing Batarang At Police Car

I can only assume that millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne must have been having bit of a rough night. That’s because a man in Gotham- er Seattle, Washington was arrested after throwing a Batarang, the iconic bat shaped throwing star at a police car. Alfred is not going to be happy about this.

In other news, someone has working batarangs to throw at police cars.

The whole thing started Wednesday night when police were called to a bar around 6:30PM because a patron had swung a homemade spear at the bar’s bouncer. The police must have missed the bat signal, because the Dark Knight was already on the scene.

Everyone remembers how Batman loves to use a spear.

When police approached the spear wielding man, he quickly fled. (No word on if a cloud of bat smoke was deployed). That is when officers Timbs and Dickson, pursuing him in their police SUV saw the would-be Caped Crusader throw something at their vehicle.

After catching up to the 23-year-old suspect they later discovered a small batarang lodged in the lower front part of their cruiser.

“The Batman” was taken to King County Jail and booked on felony assault charges and sadly not tied up and hoisted over a tank of sharks.

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