Batman v Superman Concept Art Shows a Different Kind of Dark Knight

Batman v Superman features one of the most faithful to the comics versions of the Dark Knight’s suit to have been seen on the big screen. But, it almost wasn’t that way as proven by recently released concept art. While many fans argue about Batman v Superman as a movie or about Ben Affleck’s performance, many agree that Batman‘s suit looked pretty awesome. The same can be said for Justice League, even though that movie was torn apart by critics even more than Batman v Superman.

Jerad S. Marantz recently took to social media to share an early version of the Batman suit from Batman v Superman. While the final version is faithful to the comics, the newly released concept art features a very different, futuristic look for the Dark Knight. The suit looks super high tech and nothing like what we ended up with. There’s a lot of metallic imagery going on, looking like some kind of powerful armor, but it doesn’t look as sleek. In the end, they probably chose the right suit for the movie.

Jerad S. Marantz says that they toyed with the idea of the more futuristic Batman suit for about a week, but says he was more excited to work on something more classic. Though it wasn’t used in Batman v Superman, it looks like a version close to it was used in Justice League when Batman is seen bulking up with a heavily armored suit. One of the bright spots to come out of the DCEU’s portrayal of Batman was the return to the classic Frank Miller-style suit, which could make its return in Matt Reeves’ The Batman. Marantz mentions this.

“Believe it or not This was a very early pass on the #batmanvssuperman #batsuit . Before we got the note to do a classic #Batman I was exploring futuristic and techy options. I think the exploration only lasted for about a week and was so excited when we were told to do a classic Batman suit.”

Though the Frank Miller suit or something similar could end up in The Batman, it would make sense to have the suit evolve over the course of the new movies. Batman v Superman and Justice League set the classic tone and now the DCEU could take the suit in all types of different directions. It’s currently not clear what’s going on with The Batman other than Matt Reeves has an outline written, which is a start. It appears that the movie is still in development, but it does not look like Ben Affleck will be returning.

Fans seem to really enjoy the concept art that Jerad S Marantz shared with many indicating that they think it should’ve been used. That’s debatable, but it looks pretty cool nonetheless. As for what the next suit is going to look like is anyone’s guess and that goes for who will be wearing it as well. Ben Affleck whined a few times about it being really heavy, so maybe they’ll take his complaints into consideration for the new Batman and suit. You can check out the latest concept art to be released from Batman v Superman below, thanks to Jerad S. Marantz’s Instagram page and see what you think.

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