Been Robbed Lately? Check Who Unfriended you

Because Facebook is so ingrained in our lives now it’s become a ubiquitous part of all we do, it’s now being used to solve crimes because criminals can’t not use it after they commit a crime.  And it’s not just posting status updates that say “Just shot my neighbor, lol!” it’s things like maybe robbing a guy and then unfriending him even though you were in disguise because you have that guilty feeling.

Such was the case with a Canadian thief named Ryley Smith who robbed a sandwich shop. He was in disguise for the heist and no one identified him at all, however he had been Facebook friends with the store owner previously, so after the robbery he dropped his victim as a buddy.

The owner of the Subway franchise he robbed noticed that Smith had dropped him and the timing made him curious, so he told police about it, and this literally qualified as a lead.  Police obtained a warrant for a DNA sample that matched DNA found on the bandana Smith had left in the parking lot.  The DNA matched and Smith was put away for three and a half years.  Maybe in that time he can ween himself off Facebook and stick to updating his crimes on Instagram like a real thug.

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