Belgian Brewers Use Solar Power To Turn Urine Into Beer!

Belgian brewers and scientists have invented a new way to make beer from urine. Although I’m not sure what the big deal is, Americans have been drinking Budweiser for years.  


The whole microbrew movement is getting out of hand. It seems like everywhere you go these days, every bar, restaurant and bus stop has its own locally made and branded beer to try. Well now the great traditional beer brewing country of Belgium might make it easier for you to create your very own locally made beer. And when I say “local” I mean REALLY local, as in from your own body. These crazy scientists want to use ya piss! Now home brewers will be able to convert urine to water to beer using solar power. Sounds like a hippie dream come true. Kevin Costner from Waterworld is all ears.

Scientists from Ghent University developed the solar pee beer brewing technique and have already tried it out at a ten day music festival, collecting 1000 liters of piss water from concert goers. Which is good news, now that ten dollar beer at the booze tent can turn into multiple beers, you just have to recycle!  Dr Sebastiaan Derese who is part of the pee to beer machine team says, “’We call it from sewer to brewer.”

It works like this. Using solar energy urine is heated in a tank. Then the hot wiz is filtered through a membrane which retrieves drinkable water. While this seems like it could have a lot of great humanitarian uses for fresh, clean drinking water in places that need it, the Belgians were quick to use it to then make beer. They even have a hashtag #peeforscience.

When I go to the doctor now, I have to create a flight.

So this Piss Beer is going to need a flashy name to sell some bottles of brew.

  • Pee-Pee Pilsner
  • Mellow Yellow Malt
  • Asparagus Aroma Amber
  • Piss Pale Ale
  • Belgian Wiz Wheat
  • Breaking The Seal Before You Drink It Doppelbock
  • Urine Trouble IPA
  • Outhouse Oatmeal Stout
  • Taking A Leak Lager
  • Golden Showers Blonde
  • Going Potty Porter

Personally, I love trying all the craft beer out there. However this Belgian brew might be pushing the limit. Which brings us to our Break Poll!

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