Bella Thorne Is Still Doing The Marilyn Monroe Thing For Harper’s Bazaar

Bella Thorne


Marilyn Monroe was a mentally unstable white lady who was killed by the Kennedy’s died of a drug overdose, so you can see why she has such wide appeal in Instagram quotes. Bella Thorne channeled whatever that is for Harper’s Bazaar and also did an interview.  You can read it, or you just assume it’s like every former Disney star interview (“Disney didn’t let me do anything so now that I’m out of Disney I have to prove that I’m my own woman and that basically just means getting naked a lot”).  Here’s some pictures they took for the interview.


Bella Thorne


Here’s also a picture of Bella Thorne and Bella Thorne’s butt designed to look like a tribute to her friend.  You know how y’all do on Instagram.


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