Bella Thorne Steps Away from Scott Disick After Seeing His Wild Side (PHOTO)

Bella Thorne

Seeing Scott’s Wild Side in Cannes …

Takes a Step Back

5/26/2017 12:50 AM PDT


Bella Thorne’s now met Scott Disick, the party monster up close and personal — and it’s a pass for her … for now. 

Sources connected to their Cannes crew tell us Bella decided to back off the festivities, and away from Scott … after witnessing how wild he got. We’re told the heavy drinking was especially shocking to the 19-year-old.

When Scott invited Bella to Cannes … we’re told she insisted her older sister, Dani, come along too. But even with a chaperone, and several other friends, Bella reached her limit. She hinted at her frustration Thursday on Twitter.

Sources close to Bella’s fam tell us her parents were worried anyway due to Scott’s reputation and his age — but they stayed out of it because she’s an adult. 

When the trip started they seemed to enjoy each other’s company — but the next day Scott was getting handsy with an old flame

Of course, Bella’s 19 … so if the wind changes, her mind could too.

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