Beloved Pedals The Bear Was Shot & Killed By A Bow Hunter: A Tribute #RIP

Sad news to report out of New Jersey as the beloved “Pedals The Bear” was apparently the victim of a bow hunter this week.

Pedals had become an internet sensation when multiple videos and photographs of a bear in the New Jersey area walking upright like a person surfaced.

Pedals had taught himself to walk upright as his front paws were injured. Word of Pedal’s passing spread quickly, yet local news outlets were unable to confirm the identity of the hunter that slay him. According to reports 75 bears in the area had been brought in to wild life officials to weigh by hunters. It was in this group of bears last Tuesday that Pedals joined a growing list of loved yet slaughtered animals like Cecil The Lion and Harambe The Gorilla.

According to the Facebook fan page Pedals The Injured Bipedal Bear,  the poor guy was stalked and hunted by a man who had been tracking him for three years. I guess he wasn’t a fan of bears unnaturally walking like men. Stay on all fours, bear!  Or maybe he thought Pedals was a mutant- X-Men bear. Either way, this hunter is just like Captain Ahab facing Moby Dick, but this time the hunter wins; and it’s a cute bear with broken paws minding its own business.

So that is why Break has created a loving tribute to Pedals who we know is walking upright in heaven. #RIP sweet prince.

Damn it 2016!

“Ghost” remade with Pedals is a remake we would see.

Paws up! Don’t shoot!

Recreation of the scene of the crime.

Sad Michael Jordan Harambe is Sad.

RIP Pedals.

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