Ben Affleck’s Solo Batman Movie Is Gonna Be Called ‘The Batman’

The Batman

As you already know, Ben Affleck is writing and directing his own standalone Batman movie, and it needs to come as soon as possible so humanity can wash off the pile of shit that was Batman v Superman. I know what you’re gonna say, it was a HUGE HIT! You know what else is a huge hit? Big Macs and Donald Trump. So let’s not get that confused. On the bright side, Zack Snyder is nowhere near this one. And by “this one”, I mean:

“I think is going to be called ‘The Batman’ … at least that’s what we are going with now,” Affleck told the Associated Press in a recent interview. “I might change it, I think that’s about it right now, that’s all I got,” he said. Affleck is set to direct and star in the film, slated for 2016, in addition to co-writing the screenplay. “We’re working on the script, the script is going well, I’m really excited about it and I assure you that when there’s anything that develops you’ll hear about it,” Affleck said.

Even if this movie ends up not living up to the hype, it’s be exponentially better than Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad, and Justice League. Why? Because I’m not sure about actor Ben Affleck, but director Ben Affleck has earned the right not to be second guessed by a studio suit. And also because Zack Snyder isn’t involved. I want to make sure we’re all clear on that.

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