Ben Higgins Fashionable Fiancée Lauren Bushnell Compared To Kate Middleton: She Has 'Great Style'

Lauren Bushnell Ben Higgins

Ben Higgins and his bride-to-be Lauren Bushnell spent several days in New York City after the Bachelor season finale aired last Monday and now the couple is enjoying some family time at Ben’s parents’ house in Warsaw, Indiana just days ahead of Ben’s 28th birthday.

Although Ben and Lauren are returning to normal life (including real jobs!) and state that they aren’t interested in “chasing fame,” fans are swooning over photos the couple has been posting on social media and on their newly-created Snapchat account.

Although there’s no doubt that ladies want to see pics of handsome Ben, his fiancée Lauren an equal amount of attention and not only because she’s engaged to the Bachelor — she has a great sense of style is being compared to Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge.

Love that everyone is noticing @LaurenBushnell3 great style,” one of Lauren’s Twitter followers @scoobmom tweeted. “She is like our own Kate Middleton!!”

During the filming of the Bachelor and in photos taken after the show’s finale aired, Lauren is always dressed fashionably.

Lauren Bushnell

When asked where she bought a coat that she wore during an interview with AOL Build, the future Mrs. Higgins replied that she purchased it at Zara, a popular fashion retailer with locations in the U.S. and around the world. 

Ben tells Extra that they plan to get married in “early 2017” or “late 2016″ with an emphasis on “soon, like very soon.”

They both want a big celebration with friends and family and Lauren tells People she is looking forward to doing some of the traditional things that come with wedding planning, including trying on dresses.

Ben Higgins Engagement Ring Lauren Bushnell

With her impeccable style, there is no doubt that Lauren will make a beautiful bride — hopefully, fans will get to see her wedding dress and the photos of the happy couple tying the knot (perhaps on TV!) soon.

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