Berkeley Rally Against Hate Ramps Up, Violent Clashes Break Out

Berkeley Rally Against Hate

Violent Clashes Break Out …

As Protests Ramp Up

8/27/2017 2:56 PM PDT

A rally against hate in Berkeley is shaping up to possibly be the next Charlottesville — albeit in reverse — since people are already throwing punches and swinging sticks.

What was supposed to be a peaceful gathering of protesters has began to boil over into a clash of Trump supporters and liberal groups, including one called Antifa — guys in all black that oftentimes get violent at these events. Cops have tried to keep the peace, but fights are still breaking out.

A lot of the Trump supporters are being chased down the street as well … and even members of the media are being attacked. 

It’s not Charlottesville quite yet … but cops have started making arrests and appear to be getting ready to stamp out a riot.

There are no reports of deaths as a result of the Berkeley rally … at least not yet.

Story developing … 

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