Best Of Break: A Round-Up From Our YouTube Page 4.12.2017

Hey Breakers, did you know we host over 5,000 clips on our YouTube Page, Break Clips? Every day on Best of Break, we pull five from the archive you might have missed.

1. This is why mom doesn’t F@cking love you!

If you’re wondering why your familial relations aren’t as fulfilling as you wish, you could spend tens of thousands of dollars on years of therapy, or you could just fire a gun into the ceiling and the first thing your brother shrieks in exasperation will be the simple truth you’ve always needed to hear, as seen in this hit vid from 2015: 


2. Baby and a beagel

Look, the anti-vaxxers AND mandatory vaccination agenda are BOTH wrong. Vaccines are miraculous preventative medicines that can eradicate certain diseases BUT we’re making a crucial mistake by delivering them at such high volume to babies. It’s crucial for the development of our immunes systems that they develop antibody-production on their own in response to the pathogens that surround us and the best way to do this is plop a beagle on your baby and let it lick its face. This baby is going to live to 130.



There’s a moment in this video where you think “oh no, this little girl is going to get hurt” (she doesn’t by the way; we’re not monsters) but then she safely defies gravity thanks to her bizarrely strong death grip and afterward, you can’t help but wonder: exactly how is this ride supposed to be safe regardless? It appears to be designed to make you fall down. And if you don’t, that means you’ve just walked through it, which isn’t fun at all. So your options are: get hurt or be bored.

4. Our poodle got a new haircut and it broke our cat

As the dog and cat in this video seem quite comfortable with each other, I would put it under the rubric of “dog and cat are friends” videos, which I consider to be the apotheosis of internet videos. They aren’t cuddling, but they are technically sharing a bed since they’re standing on the same one. Basically, the poodle’s just got back from the groomers, where it asked for the “just make this quick,” and when he gets home and the cat sees it it’s all “failed to load cat.exe.”


5. Dart maneuver

This one’s low resolution, but it’s worth it. Basically some drunk guy with more courage than sense puts his hand on a dartboard and lets his friend throw a dart at it and the dart doesn’t hit his hand but it gets so close it looks like it pierced the tip of his finger and you’re like “is he just so drunk that didn’t hurt?” (Note: PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS AT HOME UNLESS YOU’RE RECORDING IT.)

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