Best Twitter Reactions To Laremy Tunsil's Hall Of Fame Draft Day Implosion

Laremy Tunsil

In an absolutely insane turn of events, approximately 10 minutes before the 2016 NFL Draft, top OT prospect out of Ole Miss, Laremy Tunsil had a video of a man wearing a gas mask (believed to be Tunsil) smoking some sort of drug (likely marijuana) posted on his verified Twitter account. Tunsil’s agent told ESPN that his client’s Twitter account was hacked and that the situation “was bs.” 

During an ESPN interview with Ole Miss head coach, Hugh Freeze at the draft, Freeze stated that Tunsil admitted that the video was his and that he was the man in the video, but it was not from any time recently. Because of the video leak, Tunsil fell out of the top 10 and was eventually selected by the Miami Dolphins at No. 13 overall. 

Before we discuss just how the video was able to get onto on social media, or who the culprit was who leaked it, let’s review some of the best Twitter reactions to Tunsil’s fall down the draft board following the now infamous “gas mask tweet.”

1.) In A Situation Like This, The Crying Jordan Meme Was Inevitable

2.) Apple + Weed + Laremy Tunsil = Eli Apple… Get It?!?!?!

3.) This Is Gold

4.) We’ll Touch More On This One In A Little

5.) Another Jordan Meme

6.) Don’t Panic!!

So, just how did this picture get on social media and why did it surface right before Tunsil was supposed to be drafted in the top-five and make millions of dollars? Who would do this? The prime suspect has to be Tunsil’s stepfather. 

Just days before the 2016 NFL Draft, the Jackson Clarion-Ledger reported that Laremy Tunsil is being sued by his stepfather, Lindsey Miller. The lawsuit alleges that Tunsil attacked Miller sometime last June and that Tunsil “defamed Miller’s character.” The lawsuit also claims these two alleged acts by Tunsil were an “intentional infliction of emotional distress.”

Tunsil’s Instagram account also seems to have been hacked, where a conversation between Tunsil and coach Hugh Freeze talking about paying bills and rent was leaked.

This is some really sketchy stuff going on in Laremy Tunsil’s social media world. Somebody is clearly trying to hurt this guy’s image, and all the clues are pointing towards Laremy’s stepfather trying to significantly defame him. While this whole situation may be something that the rest of the world can poke fun at, it’s pretty hard not to feel bad for Laremy Tunsil to almost have his entire world come crashing down on him on a night that was supposed to be extremely special for he and his family. Let this be a lesson to all you young folks to either stay off social media (especially if you are a star athlete), don’t do drugs and be dumb enough to video tape yourself doing it, and always keep your devices/passwords under wraps. 

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