Beyonce Canada Ban: Official Pushes For 'Formation' Singer To Be 'Disallowed' Entry Into Country Over Super Bowl Flap?

Beyonce Super Bowl Formation

The Super Bowl has a way of ruining careers (Just think Janet Jackson’s ban).

Reportedly, if one Canadian official gets his way, Beyonce Knowles won’t have a stopover in Canada for her upcoming World Tour — or ever again. What is more, some reports say he is suggesting Queen Bey be investigated and possibly banned if there is evidence of her “support” for the New Black Panthers, according to the Conservative Tribune

Beyonce, during the Super Bowl 50 halftime show, partnered with Coldplay and Bruno Mars for a lively performance. However, the main buzz of the show was about her dance and song routine to her new “Formation” single.

Flanked by a cadre of fist-thrusting women dancers donning black leather ensembles, Beyonce led the song which paid homage to her black Southern heritage. It also explored police brutality and other social injustices among African-Americans.

However, critics and law enforcement groups had another take on Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance. They called it a salute to the Black Panthers Party and accused her of fanning the flames of racial bigotry. Apparently, it struck a nerve.

Allegedly, Toronto councillor Jim Karygiannis shares sentiments of the latter groups. However, his concerns of the singer run supposedly deeper; he wants Beyonce investigated by Immigration officials to decide her fitness to enter Canada.

In other words, he wishes to learn if she has financial ties to the group. If so, he thinks a ban of Beyonce is the right response.

“She or [some of her dancers] could be found not eligible to enter this country.

“If someone wore bullets and supported [a radical group] here, they would not be welcomed in the United States – that’s for sure.”

Beyonce is scheduled to perform at Canada’s Rogers Centre in the months ahead.

Karygiannis says the public’s backlash towards Beyonce’s Super Bowl stunt shouldn’t be discounted simply because of her celebrity. Similar to other potential threats to Canada, the politician says if people are put off by Beyonce’s message and radical attire, she shouldn’t be allowed entry.

Many think it’s presumptuous — and amounts to a double standard — to think Beyonce is part of an extremist group that promotes racial division. Celebrities like Killer Mike, LL Cool J, Ne-Yo, and others think music represents free speech and is often the platform that brings about social change. Just think Bob Dylan and Marvin Gaye.

If true, is the Canadian official overreacting to Beyonce’s performance by suggesting a ban of the singer-songwriter?

Update: It’s unclear if Karygiannis spoke off the cuff or even petitioned for a ban. However, one tweet suggested he “walked back his comments.” 

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