Bikini Girl Nearly Gets Surprise Lobotomy After Close Call With Parachute Skier

There are people who live dangerously, and there are people who would prefer to live with their head in a bucket in order to hide from the outside world.

Parachute Skier and Bikini Girl are not the latter.

Any of you ever try to ski in a bikini? It’s hard. Not because you’re cold or because people on the mountain are gawking at the only person not bundled up like the Michelin Man, but because you’re about 10 seconds away from a nip slip at any given moment. Or flashing your roast beef curtain factory. Or getting frostbite. Or…well, you get the idea. Frankly, Parachute Skier is taking the easy way out here, since if he crashes and dies no one gets the chance to ogle his naked body as it tumbles down the mountain.

But who am I to judge Parachute Skier? Our boy PS is just popping through to make things interesting. Maybe an accidental manslaughter charge or two might fall into his lap if his steering doesn’t improve, but as long as he never lands he should be just fine. Can’t arrest someone if they’re up in the air, flying around on a parachute and skis, right?



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