Blac Youngsta Crashes McDonald's Late Night, Gets Manager Fired

Blac Youngsta

Crazy Mickey D’s Takeover Vid!!!

This Got Manager Fired

11/19/2017 12:30 AM PST


Blac Youngsta got a serious case of the late night munchies after a North Carolina gig, hopped a McDonald’s drive-thru line and set off a string of hijinks that cost the night manager his job. 

The rapper hit up a Mickey D’s last weekend in Raleigh, and even though it was only serving at the drive-thru … the manager opened the doors wide when he recognized Youngsta and his crew. 

That’s when the trouble began — dancing on counters, ordering up burgers, play fighting and hanging out the drive-thru window. Full golden arches turn up!

But the whole thing went too far when Youngsta attempted to take orders from actual customers. Not cool if you’re a non-BY fan who’s jonesin’ for fries at 3 AM. We’re told someone complained to corporate, and the late night manager got axed.

Judging by the video, it was totally worth it. At least until rent’s due.  

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