'Blacks for Trump' Guy's Former Cult Wants Nothing To Do with Him

‘Blacks for Trump’ Guy

Former Cult Wants Nothing to Do with Him

8/24/2017 12:50 AM PDT


The guy with the “Blacks for Trump” t-shirt who sat behind President Trump is so out there … his former cohorts in a cult, accused of murdering a bunch of people, want nothing to do with him.

Members of the cult Yahweh ben Yahweh were tried for conspiracy to commit murder in the ’90s. The guy in the t-shirt, Maurice Symonette, was also charged but was eventually acquitted.

Famed attorney Jayne Weintraub, who repped not only cult leader Hulon Mitchell, Jr. but also Symonette, tells TMZ the cult has absolutely no affiliation with Symonette anymore, nor do they want any.

Weintraub says, “Mr. Symonette’s voice is his own personal views and should not be a reflection or associated with the Nation of Yahweh.”

That’s when you know you’re super unpopular.

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