Blue Lives Matter — L.A. Wants $10k from Cop Falsely Accused of Racism by 'Django' Actress


0801_Daniele-Watts_Brian-James-Lucas-facebookAn LAPD cop, falsely accused of racism and brutality, is being attacked by an L.A. City agency for exposing the truth and defending himself … and now the City wants a big chunk of his retirement.

It’s a slap in the face to anyone who believes Blue Lives Matter. The L.A. Ethics Commission is gunning for recently retired LAPD Sgt. Jim Parker, trying to force him to pay a $10,000 fine for leaking audio to TMZ … audio proving he did not profile a black woman engaged in lewd public conduct with her boyfriend.

You’ll recall, “Django Unchained” actress Daniele Watts, who is black, was in a car with her white boyfriend near CBS Studios in the San Fernando Valley back in Sept. 2014. People from nearby offices called cops and complained they were having sex in the car.

Sgt. Parker responded, and when Watts refused to hand over her ID and then walked away, he cuffed her and placed her under arrest. Watts’ BF went on a Facebook rant, which he then restated, claiming Sgt. Parker showed prejudice and aggression because of her color, and cuffed her so tight she was bleeding.

The LAPD did not come out and defend Parker, and he was getting skewered in the media … labeled a racist cop.

That’s when the Sgt. leaked to TMZ the audio of the encounter, which shows Watts was not only the aggressor, but falsely accused him of racism and threatened to get her publicist involved.  

The Ethics Commission met Monday and is pressuring Sgt. Parker — who has acknowledged he gave TMZ the audio — to admit wrongdoing by leaking a police tape. The Commissions lawyer — who was extremely aggressive at the hearing — tried cutting a deal … admit guilt and pay $2,500. Otherwise, the Commission would gun for the retired cop’s checkbook to the tune of $10k.

Sgt. Parker is not going to fold, so the case is headed for trial.

It’s pretty amazing … a cop who did the right thing in the field and gets falsely accused of racism cannot defend himself from public humiliation.

BTW … Watts and her BF pled no contest to disturbing the peace … they had been charged with lewd conduct.

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