BMW Driver Acts Like A Real BMW Driver, Threatens Family Of Bus Driver

Hey, did you know you can use Urban Dictionary to stereotype anyone? I’m not just talking about nationalities and races. Here are some “definitions” about various car drivers:

But no driver needs an online dictionary to insultingly stereotype a BMW driver, right? They’re all coked-up, insider-trading, no-signaling, speeding, two-spot-taking-up, Patrick Bateman-idolizing, demanding-girlfriend-get-breast-implants-ing, under-tipping, banned-from-strip-club-getting social-striving lunatics who, if evenly mildly inconvenienced, would threaten the family of bus driver while driving around a bunch of kids.

Okay, I admit those are completely unfair, ridiculous exaggerations. Except for the threatening a bus driver thing; that’s exactly what happens in this video.

You’d think you might want to pull over on a narrow street when you see a bus approaching, but that kind of mindset is why you probably drive a 1997 Honda Del Sol and this go-getter is pushing the ultimate driving machine.

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