Boosie's Brother Allegedly Stole $361k Out of Rapper's Bank Account


Cops Say My Brother

Jacked $361k From My Account!!!

7/30/2017 3:00 AM PDT


Looks like Boosie was telling the truth — cops say his bank account WAS hacked, but he didn’t know it was his own brother draining $361,000.

TMZ broke the story … the rapper said someone siphoned dough from his Capital One account and made a bunch of transactions. Now we’ve obtained the police report, which says Boosie’s bro, Taquari Hatch, made more than a dozen wire transfers to different people … who would then give him cash. Cops say he once sent as much as $80k in one transfer.

According to docs, Taquari even posed as Boosie while on the phone with Capital One customer service, but blew his cover when he mentioned having a wife … which Boosie does not. We’re told that set off alarms for the fraud department.

Taquari was arrested last week and booked for identity theft and fraud charges.

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