Bored Millennials Create Tsunami Of Humans To Find Pokémon Go Snorlax In Taiwan

For Today In Why Is This Still A Thing? we go the Taiwanese city of Taipei, where a bunch of bored millennials caused a tsunami of humans to be unleashed on the unsuspecting public.  

Was this some sort of new hip flash mob for a hippie charity of the month? Are they giving out free Whopperitos at the local BK? What could possibly cause so many people to rampage through the streets of their city, causing mayhem and havoc? This fucker right here:  

That’s right, a Snorlax! This Pokémon Go character was in the vicinity of the Xinbeitou district and thousands of Pokémon Go players showed up in the middle of the day with nothing better to do then tie up traffic and terrify folks trying to make an honest living. 

This waste of time could have some serious consequences. The country of Taiwan has actually had to call on its CIVIL DEFENSE BRIGADE with police reinforcements to combat the overcrowding the game has caused in some areas. Why can’t they just play video games indoors like normal people, just like we did when I was a kid?

So many people are outside obstructing the flow of daily life that police in Bangkok, Thailand have even issued a proclamation saying they will arrest pedestrians or motorists playing the game in the street. For some reason all of the hard to find “exotic” Pokémon have ended up in Taiwan, causing the crush of humans trying to nab them. Pokémon Go has already caused dozens of accidents on roads with players blocking traffic like in the video above. This BS needs to end. Back in my day we sat in the basement and didn’t talk to one another when we hunted our Pokémon on a Nintendo!

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