Boy wakes up from anaesthesia and starts talking like a gangster

Boy wakes up from anaesthesia and starts talking like a gangster

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After Surgery guy thinks he is a gangster
We’ve seen many videos of people acting silly after waking from anesthesia, but this one takes the cake.

Brandon came into the Boston’s Children’s hospital for an operation on his broken arm, and woke up thinking he was a completely different person.

His mom, Amanda Lally filmed a hilarious set of videos in which Brandon believed he was a gangster. Brandon bragged about going through the wikki wikki west with his “hot ass” wife and kids, while buying “billions of strippers.” His mother, probably embarrassed by his remarks, asked Brandon to be quiet, and he responded, “Why you telling me to shush, lady?” Mom then asked why he’s talking in such a funny voice, and Brandon explained, “You all up my grill.”

At that point, mom couldn’t help but laugh.

Brandon even recalls how his boy ‘Rocco’ knocked a group of people out cold, and when mom asks “Who’s Rocco?” Brandon replies, “You know Rocco in Dubai?” The confused boy then says that his non-existent camel killed people, and he says, “Don’t tell my lawyer we killed people, man.”

Brandon soon realizes he’s still under the influence of ‘laughing gas,’ but tells his mom, “Dubai was LIT.”
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