Boyfriend Gets Brutal Revenge On Dude Who Tried Sexting His Hot Girlfriend!

Some creeper in Middleborough, Cleveland, England thought he would hit up a lady he barely knows on Facebook with some #LockerRoomTalk. The man began sending sexually charged messages to a woman named Jessica. After she told him she already had a boyfriend he persisted with increasingly aggressive messages, at one point he told her “I’d ruin you.” 

Jessica was asked for some pics.

What makes it even creepier is that the old acquaintance of the young woman had not spoken to her in several years. However after seeing Jessica out shopping with Karl, her boyfriend and their three week old baby, he thought it was a good time to jump on Facebook and ask if she would send over a few quick nudes.

While this sort of unsolicited sexting has happened to Jessica before, Karl was not going to let this filthy bloke get away with it. He formulated a plan to get revenge and it involved sending topless photos. Just not of her. Of HIM.

Karl squeezed himself into Jessica’s frilly panties and sent the horny perv a few photos as he requested. Karl says;

“This guy does know Jessica but they’ve not spoken in years and for him to start sending her dodgy messages when he’s just seen us in town together is a bit off. He came on saying things like ‘why are you so ignorant’ which was a bit strange and then he started with the suggestive comments.”

It took Karl a little bit to find the right undies that would fit him. After going through several choices he settled on a sexy yellow La Senza. Unfortunately for Jessica they are now stretched out and torn from the prank Karl pulled on the weirdo. Thankfully he stopped messaging her and Karl says if he sees him around town again he’ll have to make sure he asks him what he thought of the hot pics.

What would you do in this situation?

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