Break Debate: Trump Tweets Flag Burners Should Lose Citizenship, Face Jail Time!

The Internet is going into full blown meltdown mode today as President-Elect Donald J. Trump sent out an early Tuesday morning Tweet once again triggering an age old debate.

People on both sides quickly responded with insightful comments.

While the debate is getting more heated than a Galaxy 7 exploding on Black Friday, there is at least one person who supported punishment for Americans who burn the flag. Hillary Clinton. Then Senator Clinton co-sponsored a bill in 2005 titled “The Flag Protection Act” which made flag burning “with intent to incite violence or disturb the peace” a federal crime which could result in a year in jail or a $100,000 fine.  #He’sWithHer.

Despite the former senator’s bill and the President – Elect’s Tweet, the Supreme Court has previously ruled that such anti- flag burning laws would be unconstitutional and go against free speech protections in the First Amendment. In 1989 the court rejected a Texas law that criminalized flag burning citing that such activity was protected under the First Amendment. In addition the concept of stripping away someone’s citizenship as a form of punishment was also ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in 1967.

While Americans have been debating their right to burn the US flag for decades I know that if we really put our minds to it we can figure this out in the Break comments section. Your country depends on you. So what do you think?

Break Debate! Should flag burning be protected by the 1st Amendment right to free speech? As long as you are burning your own flag and not presenting a physical threat to others or their property? Or as President Elect Trump has said, should there be consequences including loss of citizenship and a year in jail?

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