Break-Down: Your Summary Of Today's Trending Facebook Headlines

According to Ad Week, people rarely click on Facebook Trending Topics, with a click-through rate of less than seven percent..

Let’s make it zero.

Presenting Break-Down, our summary of the Facebook Trending Topics.

To finance terrorism by Arrrrr-Shabaab.

“You’re goddamn right I think some babies are hot. They are.”

Crufts is a ceremony during the Yuling Dog Meat Festival in China, by the way.

Diss track from Eddie Murphy forthcoming.

…getting beaten. Off to a good start!

It’s about time they let white women join.

To protect dead terrorists’ iPhones from the CIA.

It just gay porn with “LOL” on top and “WTF” on the bottom.

…leave a comment on a Daily Mail story about Kendall Jenner’s boyfriend.

…enough to distract the press from investigating his real estate dealings with the Yakuza.

“Turn left across seven lanes of oncoming traffic without a stoplight” (dubstep edition)

Their celebrity couple name is FraBrieze.

…cell phone before abducting child so he wouldn’t miss any AMBER alert messages.

…the suspicion of the people who investigate fraud on Kickstarter.

Jeez! There’s an openly gay character in the movie and they’re STILL calling it homophobic? The left is NEVER satisfied!

Trending tomorrow: entire EU court beheaded.

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