Break Editors Do Goldschläger Shots For Every USA Gold Medal! Part 2

As we reported to you last week, in order to show our American pride and cheer on Team USA, for every gold medal America wins, the Break Editorial Staff is going to do a shot of Goldschläger! We started out only having to pound back 6 gold ones for the USA. Well now, now as of August 15th America’s gold medal total has climbed to 26. You mathematicians out there will be sure to figure out that this means we need to do an additional twenty shots!

The most decorated Olympian of all time Michael Phelps won a few more for America before retiring from the Olympics for good this week. Clocking in with 23 gold medals throughout his career, the half man- half fish went out with a bang, winning the gold as part of the 4X100 meter medley relay team.

Yes we know this is not an American booze. FML.

In addition Katie Ledecky absolutely CRUSHED the competition, taking home the gold for the 800 freestyle 11 seconds ahead of the other swimmers. She had enough time to turn around and watch them finish the race for which she earned a new world record time of 8:04.79. We will not be trying to drink our shots that fast.

Team USA’s gymnastics is just completely dominating all those other countries with 3 gold medals in the sport. NICE. We are going to drink some down for them.

What was your favorite gold medal winning moment from Team USA this past week?

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