BREAK POLL: A Very Serious Question Regarding This Sexy Female He-Man

You’re either with them or against them but regardless of how you feel, Comic-Con is fast approaching. Which also means the internet will soon be flooded with images from the pop culture celebration event held once a year in San Diego, but more specifically, images of hot sexy cosplayers dressing up like different characters from movies and television. So we’ve decided to pick a few really random ones this week to answer the simple question “wouldja?” Hey, when we see this ladies dressed up, we’re ALL thinking it.

We’ve asked you about Lady Predators and Lady Pinheads from Hellraiser recently but let’s go a less scary route with, say, a character from Eternia. Take this lady He-Man cosplayer for instance. Sure, the internet hates it when females play roles made famous by men, but this He-Man ain’t half bad lookin’ if you ask us. BUT, does she pass the test?

One good thing about THIS particular He-Man is she can keep the homestead safe AND make a mean pot roast. Also she’s not too bad looking on the eyes if you don’t mind being with someone that could potentially kick your ass. The sword also makes us feel a little insecure, but that’s just par for the course with Lady He-Man.

Where’s your PURSE, He-Man! Haha–oh there it is.

So, the question below remains. Take in the two photos, and consider them carefully. Choose wisely, my friends. And be honest.

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