BREAK POLL: A Very Serious Question Regarding This Sexy Olympic Wrestler

The Olympic fanfare around the world has been amazing, but there’s one question that most people (okay, most men) are asking themselves about a lot of the athletes (okay, females) competing in the Olympics this year. We’ve already asked about US weightlifter Morghan King, and definitely got some great feedback, but let’s move on to the female wrestling team, shall we? Specifically Helen Maroulis competing for Team USA!

Helen may look like a gentle soul but she could easily tear your legs off like two candles stuck in a birthday cake. To prove our point, the 24-year-old has already won the gold friggin’ medal this year for competing in the Women’s Freestyle 53 kg! But back to our super important question.

Take in the above pictures, and answer the following question very carefully. Choose wisely, people.

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