Break Poll: Is This Man Levitating?! Strange Pic Captures Other Worldly Feat!

A user on Reddit, Favrre4Evre posted a picture that defies logic. A man at a gas station, next to his car appears to be levitating. In the pic his feet can clearly be seen a few inches ABOVE the ground. Gravity? Where we’re going we don’t need gravity!

The high flying photo was reportedly taken somewhere in the state of Wisconsin. The user first took the photo because he was amused by the man’s choice of colorful pants and footwear. However when he got home and looked at the picture he realized that the subject of his photo appeared to be hovering a few inches off of the GROUND. And then the room started spinning and intense violin music crescendoed.

Maybe it’s a new paranormal mystery show on Netflix, or maybe a new superhero has emerged and accidently let himself get “caught” while pumping gas? The Internet has gone into full debate mode over this serious topic. Some suggest that perhaps someone has finally come out with levitating shoes, much the way it was rumored that the hoverboards from Back To The Future 2 were a real thing that was going to be released to the public. Others are more skeptical.

Which brings us to our Break poll!

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