Break Poll: What Type Of Fries Do You Like? McDonald’s To Make Waffle Fries!

There are some things that we as human beings hold sacred and see as fundamental rights for all mankind.  Access to clean drinking water. Freedom of speech. However the ability to choose what type of french-fry you prefer is probably the greatest. When the kid behind the fast food joint counter asks you “Regular Fries” or “Waffle Fries?” you have to reach down deep and decide what type of person you are.  

That is why it is with great trepidation that I report McDonald’s is experimenting with their beloved french-fries. They are changing the long skinny fry to a WAFFLE FRY.

The good news is that before they do something drastic they cannot reverse they are trying out their fry change in a foreign country. They had to go to Canada to try and change their fries or else there would be god damn near riots in America.

How patriots eat their french-fries:


Some of you might be asking; “Why can’t these Canucks just stick to severing poutine!” While others might have a morbid curiosity. As an avid McDonald’s french-fry fan I am hopeful that this new direction could be good for not only the country but the planet. Think about it. What if they make the new McDonald’s Waffle Fry just like their old fries but just in WAFFLE FORMAT? We could be dealing with a Pringles potato chip situation where it is covering more mouth space and thus delivering more flavor!


Yesterday some lady found actual chicken in her McNuggets and now this. The McWaffle Fries are being served only in Canadian locations for now, with no plans to expand into the United States. The daring French-Fry change is only part of a Canadian Christmas menu that includes a salted caramel latte and sadly not maple syrup doused moose knuckles.

Ut-oh we need to “take back” McDonald’s.

So would you try the McDonald’s Waffle Fry? Which type of french-fry is your favorite? There are so many to choose from. Some people like Curly fries, some like shoestring fries and some like to take their fast food french-fry and dip it straight in their Wendy’s Frosty. Some even put mayonnaise on their fries. However we can all agree, people who like steak fries are just sadistic. Which brings us to our Break Poll!

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