Break Poll | Why Doesn't Mike Pence's Daughter Have A Reflection?

Republican Vice Presidential candidate Mike Pence tweeted out a picture of his family eating lunch over the weekend.

At first it looks like a fairly normal picture of a family eating some apps, enjoying some beers, and spending some quality family time together. That is until you realize Mike Pence’s daughter has no relflection. 

Now there are a number of reasons why she could not be in the reflection. It could be because her dad, the camera, and the mirror were angled at just the right positions for her to be blocked in the reflection. Or it could be the much more logical answer that she’s some kind of nether-world being most likely a vampire or ghost. Which brings us to our poll

All I really want to know is what kind of weird soup bagel combination was Pence’s wife eating? Is it some kind of pot pie or french onion soup? I guess the world will never know.



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