Break Poll: Would You?! Visit A Robot Brothel?

For today in our column “Would Ya?!” we have a futuristic quandary that you citizens of the 21st century must answer. It has become increasingly possible that sex robots will soon be here to take the jobs of hard working flesh and blood gals.  While she might not have any STD’s or a father to make sad, she might bleep and bloop a little.

If the tin is in the can, than that is the plan.

A British professor, John Danaher has said that by the year 2025 advanced sex dolls will replace human prostitutes. The law professor believes that in the next decade the sex industry will be transformed, helping end sex slavery and ushering in legal “robot brothels.”

While today many men enjoy life like Real Dolls, in the near future the technology will only advance. Professor Danaher says that these sex robots may even soon be capable of developing an emotional bond with their human clients. As long as they are cleaned sexually transmitted diseases will not be an issue.  Which makes sense: humanity finally creates its “final invention” – an intelligent, emotional machine and guys just want to fuck it. So how about you? Would ya have sex with a robot prostitute at a brothel?



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