Break Science: Someone Filmed Underwater Flatulence In 120 FPS

A user on Vimeo has recently uploaded a video that is a beautiful union of science and art in order for us to gain a better understanding of the human body. Micky Zilbershtein says that the piece is:

Part 1 from a video art project about liberation freedom and censorship…”

Accompanied by the Duettino Sull’aria from Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro, the viewer is confronted by the bare bottom of a naked woman.

So far, so good.

Lasting just twenty seconds the piece begs the viewer to ask the question; “Did she just fart?” The answer is a resounding YES. Titled “Underwater Flatulence in 120 FPS” – we are in fact watching a nude lady in a pool pass gas, slowed down to just 120 frames per second. While some might feel that this is a crude, exploitive video thrust onto an unsuspecting public merely for shock value, we feel what we have learned from the video gives it value. **

** What we have learned from the video is that this sort of thing still makes us laugh.

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