'Breaking Bad' Star Responds to Lawsuit Over Election He Won (PHOTO + DOCUMENTS)

12/24/2016 12:30 AM PST

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Hillary‘s emails got nothing on a political scandal rocking the state of New Mexico … and it’s fitting a “Breaking Bad” star’s at the center of it.

Steven Michael Quezada, who played Agent Gomez on the hit show set in N.M., got sued by Patricia Paiz, whom he just defeated for County Commissioner of Bernalillo County’s District 2.

Paiz claims Quezada’s wife filled out his election documents, which is a violation of campaign laws. What’s more, Paiz says Quezada was not even in New Mexico the day the docs were filed, which she says is required under state law.

Quezada is callng BS … firing back with these photos he says prove he was indeed at the County Clerk’s office the day in question.

Short story … Paiz wants the County Commissioner to rule Quezada was not eligible to run and therefore he can’t be elected, which would give her the win by default.

Quezada points to the fact that he kicked her ass … 62% to 38%.


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