Bristol Palin Defends Brother Trig After Commenter Blames His Support For Donald Trump On Down Syndrome

Bristol Palin

Bristol Palin lashed out at a commenter on Instagram Monday in defense of her 7-year-old brother Trig. The commenter had associated Trig’s support for Donald Trump with the fact that he has Down Syndrome.

Entertainment Tonight reports that things started out well enough when Palin, the daughter of former Governor Sarah Palin and a mother of two herself, shared a sweet photo of her smiling little brother to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day on Monday, March 21.

“I don’t know how our family got so lucky to have this handsome boy, light of our lives without a doubt #theluckyfew #TrigPaxson #T21 #mybrotherhasmorechromosomesthanyou,” Bristol captioned the photo.

Most people who responded to the post made positive comments but one user went in a different direction.

“Yep, that’s Trump’s target demographic,” the woman wrote.

Trig is wearing a Donald Trump hat that says “Make America Great Again” in the photo.

Trig Palin

It didn’t take Bristol long to come to the defense of her little brother.

“I wish I knew who you were, hope you don’t happen to be a nurse with any child with Down syndrome,” she wrote. “You are pathetic.”

US Weekly notes that the Palin family has repeatedly demonstrated its support for Donald Trump’s presidential bid since Governor Palin gave the billionaire businessman her endorsement in January.

Governor Palin recently had to cancel some of her Trump campaign appearances after her husband Todd was involved in a snowmobile accident on Sunday, March 13. Palin shared an update on Todd’s status last Thursday via Facebook.

“Thank you for lifting Todd up in prayer. He’s still in ICU under care of a superbly skilled staff,” she wrote. “So thankful for today’s medical technology.”  

As for Bristol, she seems to have moved on from the controversy, today sharing a video on her Instagram that involved her sister Willow Palin, who is a hairdresser. Bristol’s video appears to show some of Willow’s latest handiwork, giving an unidentified woman a dye job.

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