Britney Spears — Flaunts it Before VMAs (PHOTO)



Britney Spears is deploying her super hot body in an all-out media blitz … before the eve of a huge appearance at the VMAs and right after the rollout of her new album.

We got the cover of “Flaunt” magazine, which is about to come out, the day before she hits the stage for what we’re told is a high-tech performance to push her new album. Our VMA sources say there are no big surprises — like a Madonna kiss or 12-foot python — it’s all about music.

Britney is everywhere … her James Corden Carpool Karaoke went viral, she and Kanye are the clear stars of Sunday’s VMAs, and her album, “Glory,” just dropped.

BTW … Britney said on Corden’s show she was done with men. She was serious, at least in terms of the VMAs, because we’re told her backup dancers for the show are all women.

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