Brock Lesnar — Will Only Face Discipline for 1 Failed Test … Despite 2 Dirty Samples

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0719-brock-lesnar-getty-02Brock Lesnar may have caught a break — because despite the fact he allegedly tested dirty TWICE, he’ll only face punishment for one violation … sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ Sports.

It all has to do with the dates Brock’s samples were collected … and when he was notified about the results. 

In Brock’s case — he was tested on June 28th and July 9th. But he wasn’t notified that his June test came back dirty until July 14th … 5 days after his second test. 

Our sources tell us … because he wasn’t notified until after the second sample was collected, he will only be punished for one violation

The punishment for a first time banned substance user can range from a warning to a 2 year suspension … though it can be raised to 4 years if the infraction is determined to be an “aggravating circumstance.” 

A second violation would carry even harsher penalties … but Brock won’t have to worry about that. 

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