Broncos Star Spoofs Von Miller's Sex Tape at Team Halloween Party

Broncos Star

Spoofs Von Miller’s Sex Tape

…At Team Halloween Bash

10/24/2017 8:00 AM PDT

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All in good fun … and funny as hell! 

Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall went all out to dress as teammate Von Miller for the team Halloween party on Monday night. 

He got the cowboy hat. He got the Old Spice. HE GOT THE SEX TAPE!!! 

Yep, Marshall spoofed Von’s very public 2016 court battle to keep a sex tape he shot in Mexico from going public … and it was kinda hilarious! 

You remember the story … Von claimed his sex tape partner Elizabeth Ruiz was trying to shake him down for millions … allegedly threatening to release the tape if he didn’t pay up. 

The judge eventually blocked Ruiz — and ordered her to destroy all copies of the video. 

But Monday night, Marshall’s detailed costume was the hit of the party. By the way, Von was at the party and we’re told he LOVED it — complimenting Marshall all night. 

Von dressed up as Col. Sanders. Other players showed up as Mr. T and Zoro. And there were some SMOKIN’ HOT ladies wearing barely anything. Good times! 

Happy Halloween!!! 

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