Byron Scott to LaVar Ball: Shut Up! Luke Walton Knows More Than You

Byron Scott to LaVar Ball

Shut Up!

Luke Walton Knows More Than You

11/23/2017 12:55 AM PST


Ex-Lakers head coach Byron Scott has two words for LaVar Ball — SHUT UP!!!!

Ball recently laid into Lakers coach Luke Walton … saying he’s “soft” and doesn’t know how to properly coach his son, Lonzo Ball

So, we hit up Byron to see how he would handle the situation if he was in Luke’s shoes. Long story short, Byron says guys like LaVar need to shut their traps and let the coaches coach. 

“Shut up. Stay put. Stay on the sidelines. We got this.”

BTW, Scott’s hosting a live music event in Hollywood Friday night … that LaVar Ball will probably not be attending.

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