Car Crash Survivor Has Bad Day When His GF AND Mistress Visit His Hospital Room

Being sent to the hospital after a major car accident and having your girlfriend and mistress meet each other for the first time separately have to be at the top of the “things that suck” list, but experiencing them on the same day? Well, that has to be next level awful.

If you’re Instagram user jay_be_actin_up_, just that happened to you a few days ago.

The face of a man with many problems.

After being sent to the hospital and after having major surgery that saved his legs, but before being carted out to his second surgery, Jay was met with the sweet embrace of both his girlfriend and mistress who entered his hospital room at the SAME TIME.


Before this moment, Jay posted a heartfelt message on his instagram that read

“Crazy how a N***a hate so bad tryed take me out and from da people who love me the most doctors even told me I’m lucky as far as me being here and losing both my legs thankfully both are back and in good condition cold world and I was dolo when it happen but thank god for neither but I’m still here God ain’t through with me yet I’m still here for a reason going into this 2nd surgery with high positive hopes it ain’t over I’ll be back out there getting to a bag and doin me preciate all da love and support for the ones who was here and still is on my road to recovery”

That sweet missive was immediately followed by the unplanned meeting of Jay’s two girlfriends who definitely did not know about each other beforehand. The meeting was reportedly so intense that his mistress had to be removed from the room. Just watch the video.

I have no idea what Jay regrets more out of this situation, getting into a horrific car accident or the whole world finding out that he’s not the most faithful man in the world. Regardless, when he finally gets out of the hospital he’s going to have a lot of explaining to do.

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