Cardi B Is Cruella De Vil for Halloween

Cardi B

Call Me Bruella de Vil, Bitches!!!

10/31/2017 7:04 AM PDT

Cardi B rolled up to the Bacardi Halloween bash in New York City Monday night where she performed with a plus one, but it wasn’t her fiance, Offset.

Cardi dressed as Cruella De Vil and brought her dalmation friend. We’re gonna go ahead and assume the fur is not real dog, though. She gets points for her four-legged prop, but we noticed no red bottoms or bloody shoes … which seem perfect for Cruella.

Unclear if she was wearing her new shiny 8-carat engagement ring from Offset under those gloves — but there were plenty of other eye-catchers inside the event.

If Cardi as Cruella doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will …

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